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Business Applications

Sijison Inc. specializes in business application development to help our clients to maximize the use of technology. We help drive business modernization through incorporating new technology into the enterprise IT scenario for our clients. This includes BPM-EAI, CRM, SCM, System Integration, Enterprise Architecture, etc that drives interactive experiences.

business_application1Different Types Of Business Applications:
  • EAI(Enterprise Application Integration)
  • CRM(Customer Relationship Management)
  • ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • ECM (Enterprise Content Management) Solutions
  • BPM(Business Process Management)
  • HR( Human Resource) And Payroll System
  • SCM( Supply Chain Management)
  • AM( Application Migration)
  • Trading Solutions
  • Accounting
Our team assesses each project individually to find out which method is apt and effective. Then modification of the methodology is done for each project. We understand the significance of utilizing technology that helps in solving the intricate challenges proficiently. Our solutions are created to help businesses deal with new problems, to be competitive and achieve strategic objectives. We deliver a structured, scalable, and consistent process.

business_application2Our development cycle includes different steps:
  • Research and analysis
  • Design and development
  • Migration and re-engineering
  • Testing and quality assurance (QA)
  • Maintenance and support
Our advanced business application software takes the company to winning platform and PROVIDES it to incorporate with ease and efficiency. We help in merging your basic technology to new developments and enhance the overall productivity. With such fineness, meeting challenges becomes an easy chore and it radically promotes competitiveness.

Significance of business application solutions from Sijison Inc.:
  • Excellence in quality
  • Enhanced reliability of applications
  • Focus on efficiency and agility
  • Gaining better ROI
  • Experienced with relevant technologies, applications, platforms and tools
  • Simplifying business with innovation in technology
  • Focusing on customer satisfaction
Our business assessment solution is designed to help identifying business objectives, priorities, opportunities for growth and possibility for reduction in cost. The business has unique operational complexities that need special technological solution. We help the customers with integrated solutions meeting the needs of customers.